3 Point Hitch for Deere A B G 50 60 70

215 Lbs (Ship weight)
MPN: cmdeerea


We have sold this hitch since 2000 and been very pleased with it. Our price is substantially less than most dealers because the factory is located just across the Oklahoma State line from us allowing us to save shipping the item from them to us before shipping to you.
It will ship as 3 packeges by UPS.

  • This 3 point conversion is designed for Category 2 implements with a category 1 top link bracket, but will work on category #1 by using (2) reducer bushings.
  • Does not include the toplink. 
  • 195 lb
Model Note Equipment Information
A sn 584000 and up  
B sn 186134 and up  
G sn 18700 and up
One of our Manufacturers
All of our hitches and rims are shipped unboxed meeting UPS requirements since the boxes are typically ruptured due to the weights and shapes of the items.  Please know that it is common for UPS to scratch the paint during shipment.  We have worked with UPS to determine the best methods, but the scratches are inevitable.  UPS will not insure against this.  We also recomend customers expect to repaint if they are wanting a show finish or exact paint color match is required.

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