Which Hitch?

One of the most asked questions is which hitch?
Basically, there are 2 hitches designed for the Allis Chalmers line of tractors.

1) Quick/Snap Coupled

2) Drawbar Mounted

So what's the difference.

The snap coupled hitch is very easy to install. Just drop any existing item from your snap-coupler. Lift the loop on the hitch into your coupler, and lock in the pin. Then attach the leveling arms to your l ift arms, and you are ready to work. Some tractors require modifications for the sway chains since there is no mounting point on the tractor for these. Benefit: quick, no drawbar required, most like factory for those that had the 3 point available. Drawbacks: Swaycontrol is either absent or reqiures modification. Requires removal of drawbar.

Drawbar Mounted
The drawbar mounted hitch is by far stronger than the quick hitch. A mainframe piece mounts to your existing drawbar. Depending on model, it may mount above, or below the drawbar. Some models require drilling additional holes in the drawbar to mount the mainframe to. Then, the lift arms (tugs) attach to studs on the mainframe. These in turn have leveling arms that attach to your lift arms. Sway control is obtained by either a sway block that saddles over your drawbar support/yoke or by the yoke itsself. Benefit: very strong, positive sway-control, drawbar can remain in place for original applications. Drawbacks: System is hard-mounted to the tractor, price is higher.

Our recomendation depends on your use. If you need a solid working class hitch, go for the drawbar mounted 3 point conversion. You will have positive control, and the drawbar can stay put. If you want to maintain originality for tractor shows, the quick will suite you better. You can easily swap the drawbar back in, and be ready for a show.