3 Point Hitch Conversion

Allis Chalmers B and C 3 point hitch conversion

155 Lbs (Ship weight)
MPN: cm0055


3 Point hitch adaptor for Allis Chalmers Models B and C. Toplink bracket is built into this hitch.

We have proudly used and sold this hitch for since the year 2000 and installed many for our customers.  We are happy to explain any questions as we have intimate knowledge of this hitch.

  • Category 1 for impliments appropriately sized for this tractor
  • Complete with 2" x 8" hydraulic cylinder, shortened adjustable top link and bracket
  • Tractor MUST have hydraulics to use this conversion
  • Bolts onto factory drawbar and leaves it fully functional.

This hitch works very well, but we want our customers to have accurate expectations.  Many impliments will have much of their weight well behind the lift pins. Since the B and C are light tractors, but have relatively strong hydraulics, it may cause the tractor to lift the front end while using a haavy impliment or one balanced to the rear. There were a few factory options for front end wieght that would help, We used this hitch on a 48" finish mower for years and it worked very well with no additional weight.

Click here for photos of the factory!

All of our hitches and rims are shipped unboxed meeting UPS requirements since the boxes are typically ruptured due to the weights and shapes of the items.  Please know that it is common for UPS to scratch the paint during shipment.  We have worked with UPS to determine the best methods, but the scratches are inevitable.  UPS will not insure against this.  We also recomend customers expect to repaint if they are wanting a show finish or exact paint color match is required.

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